Environmental protection

PROFILPLAST Kft. places great importance on protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations.

In general, our environment is no longer able to continuously cleanse itself.In order to protect the right of present and future generations to a healthy environment every user of the environment must minimise the environmental burden of all their activities.

The only way forward for Profilplast Kft lies in products and product groups that reduce the burden on the environment. We can achieve this by minimising – and ultimately eliminating – ┬áthe use of hazardous components in our products.

Another avenue for preserving natural assets is to develop and implement material- and energy-saving production and technological systems, which in addition to maintaining the excellent technical quality of our products also ensure optimal use of materials and energy.

In addition, a basic principle of our certified Quality and Environmental Management System is an effort to achieve “zero errors”, enabling a significant reduction in the amount of waste generated.

Our colleagues are dedicated to ensuring the recycling of generated waste.

Through the correct organisation of work processes, use of alternative sources of energy, and utilising waste heat we can optimise our use of energy for technologies and operations.

We attach particular importance to maintaining the results already achieved while increasing our production volumes, in a way that meets the expectations of society.