Order informations

Please send your order to the email address given below, and do not forget to give the code and quantity of product, and the billing and delivery addresses. Customers purchasing from our warehouses shall provide tax identity number.

Your order is confirmed within 1 working day after receipt. The sales process is in line with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Profilplast Kft.

WAREHOUSE – Ludányhalászi

Address: 3188 Ludányhalászi, Rákóczi út 38/A
Contact person: Klaudia Csikós
Tel.: 70/938-1573
Opening hours: Mon – Thu: 7.00 – 15.30, Fri: 7.00 – 13.30
Send your order to the following email address: order@profilplast.hu
Delivery deadline: as confirmed
Unpacking: not allowed